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Formed in September 2013, Black Thorn have been categorised into many genres, but never only one. On their journey to finding the "new sound" they took too much, had a few too many and ended up somewhere around whatever they are now. Like a 21st century list of genders, their musical fluidity knows no bounds. Through combining heavy folk instrumentation with elements of rock, funk, pop-punk, blues and dance, they have crafted a unique recipe for original music. Giving no time for break-up songs or long lost love, their light topic lyrics are a musical diary for present time life. After performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude, their wake up call wasn't to stop but rather to grow. They now come fully loaded with full drum kit and keyboards to every party. Ready for anything, they are back from a hiatus with new music and an in-your-face attitude.


Joel Howe - (Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Lead Vocals)

Adam Clarke - (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)

Jack Wright - (Bass, Tambourine)

Josie Stafford-Burdett - (Accordion, Trumpet, Vocals)

James Howe - (Drums, Vocals)

Lily Stafford-Burdett (Keyboards, Brass)

With 4/6ths of Black Thorn's band members having vested interests in all things music tech, they pride themselves on the whole "DIY" album production. Often going too far and ending up recording something that sounds nothing like it should, they have spent hours in their self-built recording locations trying wacky techniques to capture sounds that are wholesomely original. 
The Human Rave - In the background you will hear something that sounds a bit like a melodica. It is a melodica, which had a microphone routed through a DI box, linked to a Wah pedal, routed through a home-made rotary cabinet. Which was made out of an old record player, a plastic box and a cheap guitar amp. This "Rotary Cabinet" then had 2 microphones either side. They didn't have to spend all this time just for 2 minutes worth of a melodica recording, but if you're not having fun then what's the point? 
Similarly, in the track "Lazy" off of the Zealous EP, you will hear delay tails from a madolin just before the bridge section. These tails took three members twisting knobs at the right time to get the desired effect. It's this hands-on DIY, thinking outside the box that gives Black Thorn their unique sound. 
With over 80 hours worth of band practice footage and studio video footage, expect some videos of how it all started and how the CD's were recorded.