© 2019 byJoel Howe. 

We are not Blackthorn - that is a russian metal band
We are "Black Thorn" - with a space!
Our preferred font for band name is "keep On Truckin FW"
If you have booked us and are advertising us on posters / programs / flyers or websites: Please spell our name correctly
Sheffield, South Yorkshire 
Formed: 2013
Genre: Unknown (read bio)
Email: blackthorn.official@gmail.com
Files for promoters and organisers
Band Bio
Formed in September 2013, Black Thorn have been categorised into many genres, but never only one. On their journey to finding the "new sound" they took too much, had a few too many and ended up somewhere around whatever they are now. Like a 21st century list of genders, their musical fluidity knows no bounds. Giving no time for break-up songs or long lost love, their light topic lyrics are a musical diary for present time life. After performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude, their wake up call wasn't to stop but rather to grow. They now come fully loaded with full drum kit and keyboards to every party. Ready for anything, they are back from a hiatus with new music and an in-your-face attitude, a fusion of angular riffs, folky accordion licks, danceable dub-step grooves, emo-tinged metalhead drum freak outs, funky fuzzy bass, proggy mandolin lines and ska-like chops. They are the soundtrack to ADHD.
Receiving masses of attention from the BBC since 2014 after releasing their debut EP, their first single Catch Me If You Can saw tens of BBC Introducing radio plays as well as attention from from the Mark Forrest Show, which is broadcast across the entire country. After the release of their debut album Butter Side Up, Tom Robinson and Christian Carlisle showed much interest into the band. Featuring many tracks multiple times on BBC Radio Sheffield as well as one track making it to Number 5 in BBC Introducing Tracks of 2017! On top of this, BBC Radio 6 took an interest and added Black Thorn to the Tom Robinson Introducing Mixtape. Finally BBC Radio DJ Christian Carlisle pushed for Black Thorn to perform at Latitude festival on the BBC Introducing stage.
2 years later, after a small break, a few biscuits a cup of coffee or 3, Black Thorn have returned with new music. Debuting as a 6 piece band with their new EP Zealous. Prior to its release, this EP saw masses of attention from Tom Robinson at BBC Radio 6, premiering on his show twice before the release day. In Tom Robinson's words "to say that they've upped their game doesn't begin to cover it, for my money this track puts them into an entirely new league".
Previous festival
Bearded Theory (2017, 2019)
Latitude (2017) 
Brentwood Festival (2015)
Farmer Phill's (2016, 2017)
Something To Smile About (2016)
Deerstock (2016, 2017)
Whitwell Festival Of Music (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) 
Sheffield Tramlines (2014)
Sheffield Tramlines BBC Introducing live session (2016)
Bostin Days (2018)
Wistful Festival (2016)
Exile Festival (2015)
Northern Green Gathering (2016)
and more.
Band Info
Joel Howe:
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Ego
Josie Burdett: 
Accordion, Vocals, Brass, Penny Whistle, A Bit Of Blue For The Lads
Jack Wright: 
Bass, Tambourine, Beard
Adam Clarke:
Guitar, Vocals, Eye Candy 
James Howe:
Drums, Vocals, Anger Problems 
Lily Burdett:
Keys, Brass, Loud Shouting
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